Welcome! This blog will most likely be full of random thoughts on topics of my interest, such as museums, archaeological research, bioanthropology, photography, foreign languages, stitches and embroidering, history of Antarctica, and maps! (I love maps) 

I study archaeology in the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I have been a student tutor and also volunteered in its Ethnographic Museum. I have had the pleasure of excavating two prehispanic sites in the wet pampas, an urban site right behind the government house in downtown Buenos Aires, a historical house in the suburban neighborhood where I live and the backyard of the Museum -a former estancia– where I currently work.

I work in the Historical Museum of La Matanza as an assistant technician in its Archaeology Lab. There, I can apply my archaeological and photography skills, particularly  by engaging in outreach activities. You can find the Lab’s Blog here and its Facebook page here (both in Spanish).

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