#DayofArch 2017: an outline of my daily activities…

* Spoiler alert: this post is not about my daily activities, as the title might suggest, but about the event called Day of Archaeology to which I contributed a post about my daily activities. 

As you probably know, Day of Archaeology is a festival of blogposts by archaeologist, or people whose work/study/life is related to archaeology. Once a year, a day in July is selected to celebrate this event, even though contributions can be posted one week before and after that date.

Cover picture in the Facebook page of the Day of Archaeology project.

Volunteers take on the tasks of editing and publishing the site. In their own words, “The Day of Archaeology project aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world”. The blogposts are featured in both Facebook and Twitter.

This year, the date for the Day of Archaeology was the 28th of July, so contribution are still being accepted until next Friday (August, 4th). Here you can read about how to submit a contribution.

I submitted a short contribution last Friday. Under the title A day in a museum worker’s life… I tried to account for what I do in a regular day at work. (Here’s my 2014 contribution)

There are plenty of topics to read about, from organizing a field season to managing a social media account for public outreach. I invite you to flip through the posts and find the ones that match of your interests. Why not write one too?!

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